Temperature controlled cargo

Refrigerated transportation is one of our activities. We transport cargo either in refrigerated trailers with cooling equipment or isothermal trailers.

We can transport food products and other cargo which requires temperature maintenance or special safety during transportation. We have long-lasting experience in refrigerated transportation of the following products:

  • frozen fish/meat and other frozen products
  • fruit and vegetables
  • drinks
  • dairy products


The main areas were we offer first-grade transportation:

  • Benelux countries and Germany – Spain, Italy,
    the Baltic countries
  • Italy, Spain – France, Germany, Benelux countries, Poland
  • Lithuania – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Benelux,
    Germany – Lithuania
  • Lithuania, Latvia, Poland – Europe; Europe –
    Lithuania, Latvia, Poland
  • Great Britain, Ireland – France, Germany, Italy, Poland


We offer the following advantages when transporting within Europe:

  • modern fleet used for transportation
  • we can fully serve all cargo flows from the client’s factory in all directions with the use of thermo-controlled trailers
  • the ability to offer competitive rates when transporting within Europe
  • cargo safety guarantees
  • the ability to quickly respond and adjust to clients’ needs
  • qualified managers fluent in most European languages, offering effective solutions to our clients’ needs


  Temperature controlled cargo, presentation (PDF)